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Some of that stuff (like the Lizard) WAS gonna be in Spider-Man 4.

That's how these things work; the studios spend so much money on scripts that they don't throw anything out when stuff goes back to the drawing board. Even when they go Full Reboot, the very first thing they do is see how much of the last script they can cherry-pick.

Notable examples include: Snyder's BvS being made up of elements from about three or four different previously-abandoned BvS and Death of Superman scripts, "Batman Begins" using Scarecrow as the villain because he was already penciled-in for Schumacher's cancelled movie, and now "The Batman" using The Riddler as the villain simply because he was already on-deck for the cancelled Affleck solo movie. Stuff like that.

They always tinker, but the ideas are never 100% "fresh" when they finally hit the screen, everything came from somewhere else first. Scripts cost millions of dollars to commission; there's scriptwriters living in Hollywood who have NEVER had a single movie they wrote get made, but they're multi-millionaires and they make all that money selling scripts, whether they ever get made into movies or not. So when a movie doesn't get made, the studio doesn't throw out the script that they already paid (way too much) for; they just throw it in a drawer, then dig it out when development starts on the next project.

Makes sense, but once you notice it it's one of those things you can't un-see.

There was also gonna be some batsh*t-crazy stuff about Vulture and Black Cat going on in Raimi's Part 4, too. We totally dodged a bullet, no matter what anyone thinks.

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