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Originally Posted by superstaff View Post
Her race wasn't the problem.

I didn't like her characterization. Even if they had made her a carbon copy of the typical April (red hair, pale, blue eyed, etc), I would've still found her very one note and unfunny. I also didn't like how they often propped her up to make her look 'cooler' than the TMNT (in the Baxter Stockboy ep, for example, Leo and Mikey are terrified of the ghost but she's all "WHOO HOO" about it...ugh).
Heck, even her character wasn't the problem. It was the Turtles that I didn't like. I just could not connect to any of them, and she didn't make things better, whether she was Black, White or Asian. The April I know is the one that is caring and supportive of the Turtles. If they wanted someone to fight with that was a friend, that was Casey Jones job! Heck, even Irma could come in and do that job. But April is supposed to be the one rock or big sister that they could look up to. Nothing more obnoxious than a big sister that is bullish.
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