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TMNT Volume 1 - Number 1 - Voice Over Comic

Almost two years in the making, our team can finally say the project is done. More might be added to the video later but all in all it is complete. Big thank you to the cast and the production team all coming together through re-recordings, crashed systems, lost members, and more. Cast, crew, and soundtrack listed below, technodrome usernames are in ( ).


Master Splinter: Played by Rutger Gret (Raph)
Leonardo: Played by Kevin McGill (Jester)
Raphael: Played by Steven W. Hunt (The Ninjinister)
Donatello: Played by Matthew Montelione (Donnie)
Michelangelo: Played by David Cordova (shuriken)
The Shredder/Oroku Saki: Played by Adam Winters (oldmanwinters)
Nagi: Played by Steven W. Hunt (The Ninjinister)
Yoshi, Baby Turtles: Played by Rutger Gret (Raph)
Foot Leader: Played by Matthew Montelione (Donnie)
Business Man: Played by Bjarni Gautur (Bjarni)
Business Man: Played by David Cordova (shuriken)


Video Editing: Richie Williams (Master Splinter)
Audio Editing: Richie Williams (Master Splinter)
Graphic Artists: Camille McIntyre (Oniri) & Sliced
Music by: Master Splinter, Jimmy Jenkins, John Du Prez
Project Coordinator: Matthew Montelione (Donnie)


01-Purple Dragons - by Richie Williams (Master Splinter)
02-Honor - by Richie Williams (Master Splinter)
03-Yoshi's Theme - by John Du Prez
04-Incessant Flow of Words - by Richie Williams (Master Splinter)
05-Dangerous Love - by Richie Williams (Master Splinter)
06-Shredder's Suite - by John Du Prez
07-Better Class of Criminal - by Richie Williams (Master Splinter)
08-Compressed Text Files - by Richie Williams (Master Splinter)
09-Shredder's Suite (reprise) - by John Du Prez
10-Into The Night - by Jimmy Jenkins

Feel free to share.

Download Available

*Download includes .mp4 video file of voice comic as well as the soundtrack used in the video.


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