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Hope no one minds if I put a preview of my earlier work here - I haven't been all that active in writing lately, but I do have quite a lot of stuff online, and this is how it started. My series is set in the 90s movies timeline, beginning here around 6 weeks after Secret of the Ooze and 6 months or so before movie III.

Maybe someone here will be enticed into reading more by this preview, maybe not... So, here it is...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Day of the Rat Preview

New York, the 1970s...

He could hear it again. The scrabbling. Far off but coming nearer. He opened his eyes, and immediately closed them again against the intense glare.

"He's coming 'round..." He felt hands adjust the layers of cloth covering him. Covering him - He was lying down. In a bed. He heard, faintly, a P/A system - What was that, how did he know what that was? - Where did that phrase come from...?

"Doctor Howard... Doctor Howard to Ward C20... Doctor Fine to Cardiology... Repeat - That's Doctor Howard to C20 please..."

The scrabbling was still there. Coming nearer...Thinking about that could wait. His mind was being flooded, overwhelmed, with these sensations and he needed to cope with them one at a time. One of the hands which wasn't his took one that was. It felt his wrist, held his hand in the air...

"I got a hundred and twenty-five... That's too fast... Golda...?"


The scrabbling was still there. Coming nearer... He wondered if these others could hear it too.

"This guy's pulse is a little fast and erratic. I think we should call"- The voice choked off and gasped in pain, and he wondered why, a moment before realizing it was because of him. He had grabbed the wrist firmly, a little too firmly, and he felt a delicate bone snap under the pressure. The nurse - it was a nurse, he could only be in a hospital - tried to snatch her hand away, only succeeding after a few seconds of struggle.

He didn't know his own strength. That was a cliche, he thought, then wondered what a cliche was.

The scrabbling was still there. Coming nearer... He also found himself wondering what that was.

Feeling he could bear the pain of the light now, he opened his eyes. A round face with large dark eyes, a woman around forty, stared back at him, nursing her damaged wrist. "He's awake," she said. "Mister Hynten... Can you hear me? Mister Hynten?"

Hynten. Was that his name? It didn't seem wrong, it seemed somehow incomplete. Like it was true, but only covered a tiny portion of who he was. He was Hynten, he realized. Lawrence Hynten had been his name. There had been other names before that, though... So many names...

The scrabbling stopped... No need to worry about it then.

He suddenly felt an unbearable urge to move, to get out of this bed, this prison. He clawed at the confining sheets, pulled the device out of his arm, scarcely noticing the pain, lurched to his feet and stood on unsteady legs, swaying.

"He shouldn't be able to do that... Golda...?! Need some help here. Mister Hynten, please listen to me. My name's - Ow - Nurse Marjean... You can't... You shouldn't be out of bed. Please don't touch the bandages, Mister Hynten. You were attacked, you've got some injuries, you'll be OK, you really will. But you have to leave those bandages alone..."


Lawrence Hynten took a step back and wiped the sweat from his brow with the sleeve of his overall. He smiled. "There. That's it done. Boy, I can't wait to get out of this place. It's like a sewer down here." He laughed, started to run a hand through his hair, and then remembered it was covered in gunk...

She was right about the bandages. His face was half-covered, wrapped around with soft bands of linen. Underneath... No, no, he had to leave them alone, leave the bandages alone, that was important, he must obey that.

Lawrence Hynten took off one glove and carefully sniffed the substance on it. "What is this stuff? Well, it's not toxic, that's for sure. Nice shade of green..." Hey, what was that noise? That scrabbling...

"What... What attacked me?"

"We're not sure. Look, sir, it's best you just lie back down right now. We've got you fixed up, you just need to rest now... Golda, hi, could you get... Mister Sanders, please?"

"Mister what? Oh, yeah, right..."

The creatures came out of nowhere. They were on Lawrence Hynten before he could call out, not that anyone could hear him, before he could even take a proper breath. He panicked as they climbed his body, as new waves of them covered him and enveloped him in a stinking furry mass...

He took a rattling breath, reassured to find he could breathe properly. The nurse looked concerned. "Can you remember anything about what happened, sir?" she asked. A sudden insight told him she was playing for time.

Time for what?

Mister Sanders... An official euphemism, mustn't alarm people... Security. Security for what? Was someone around here dangerous? Then he realized, and his eyes snapped round to the nurse with something new in them. The vagueness was gone. Lawrence Hynten was no longer alone in there.

They wouldn't understand. He had to get out of here. But how? That was when the vent in the wall launched itself across the room and the confined mass of creatures poured out.

They had come for him again. This time, though, he wasn't afraid.


Almost 16 years later...

The streets of New York on this particular Thursday evening, just as it was getting dark, were frenzied and chaotic. Car horns blared, voices yelled, people pushed and shoved each other.

Which was fine, this was normal. But what wasn't normal was the sudden arrival of-

-Rats! First a few, then a hundred, then a thousand. Scurrying out of storm drains, out of dark alleys - In one unfortunate case, out of a car window into the face of a baffled onlooker. Rats. Lots and lots of rats, and more rats. Rats.


Not much could faze the people of New York, but this was too much. A hot dog vendor abandoned his stall. Drivers left their cars in the middle of the road. A mother snatched her baby from its buggy and ran. It didn't matter where, just away from the rats! A panicked man fell over that buggy in a tangle of arms and legs.

It got so bad one guy even abandoned the takeaway pizza he was eating.
It got that bad.

A magazine stand was up-ended and its contents spilled out onto the street. One magazine that landed face-up in a shallow puddle showed a grainy picture of four bizarre creatures on a stage next to a man with flattop hair. "NINJA TURTLES NO MORE: ANATOMY OF A FLASH IN THE PAN," read the bold text.


One rat among the multitude had a separate purpose. It ran along the side of an apartment building, darted up the wall and jumped onto a fire escape, then up onto the roof and then down a drainpipe... It jumped onto another fire escape, and through a window, passing through the narrowest of gaps, spine crackling as it achieved access.

The chaos outside was audible, but even so the apartment was an oasis of calm. It was open-plan, with a spiral staircase leading to an upper floor. No one was around, and the rat scurried to and fro. All its senses attuned, focused on... what?

Jumping onto the sofa, the rat landed on a remote control and switched on the television. Attention caught, it watched as the screen lit up and, after a moment, with a faint buzz of static, a picture resolved...

- "So, tell me, Miss, uh, Miss McWilliams, how did you first meet, um, this giant Turtle? It was a Turtle, that's right? You're sure about that?"

- "I assure you, Miss O'Neil, that I know a Turtle when I see one. My ex-father kept dozens of amphibians, and I'm not likely to mistake a Turtle for, say, a terrapin..."

- "And, let me see if I've got this right, this Turtle was approximately six and a half feet tall - hmm - wore a red band around his eyes - red, huh? - and spoke with a..."

- "A Hungarian accent, yes..."


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