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The preview has to include the Turtles in some form, so here, later in the story, Splinter has resorted to potentially putting their human friend in danger to get his sons back to New York to help deal with the developing crisis...

Extract 2 - The empty parking lot of a disused factory, upstate New York

"Uh, guys," Michelangelo said thoughtfully as he approached, peering closely, "I don't think this guy is actually, you know, a guy." Nodding as if to confirm his diagnosis, he grinned as the rider gave him a thumbs up.

"Hey, wasn't that bike Casey's?" Leonardo pondered.

"Yeah," said April, removing the helmet, the long dark hair that might have given them a clue tucked under the upturned collar of her leather jacket. "And it still would be if he'd gotten it back from the pawn shop instead'a me." They clustered around her excitedly. "Hi, guys!"

"Hi, April," said Donatello. "Suziquatrotastic."

"Hi, Donny. Uh, thanks?" Handing the helmet to Michelangelo, April watched indulgently as he looked at it for a moment before trying unsuccessfully to fit it on his own head. "Definitely not a guy, Mikey. Well spotted." He shrugged bashfully, and left the helmet hanging on one of the bike's handlebars.

"Suziquatrotastic?" Raphael murmured skeptically. Donatello shrugged diffidently, standing by his made-up adjective.

"Yeah, April, nice outfit," remarked Leonardo politely. "Very shiny."

"Leather city," said Michelangelo admiringly.

"No, actually," April teased. "Kitty's, the store for the discerning lady biker... It's just around the corner from Leather City." She turned slightly to include the others. "Hey, you know, when you're a celebrity, going incognito isn't so easy. But then, you guys would know all about that."

Realizing something, she turned to Donatello again. "Hey, Donny, you got your voice back! You sound like your old self!"

"Yeah," said Donatello casually. "Turned out it was laryngitis."

"We never even knew he had a larynge," said Michelangelo, adding innocently, "Hey, where did Casey go, anyway?"

Raphael glanced at him, appalled, and slapped a hand over his eyes.

"Mikey, you know we don't talk about that," Leonardo admonished, shaking his head. "Not when..." Tailing off, he indicated April with subtle sideways movements of his head, stopping abruptly when she turned to look at him.

"It's OK, Leo, really," April assured him, holding up a hand and starting to ease off her gloves. "We both needed some space for a while..." she recited, her words sounding very well-rehearsed.

"Did it have to be this much space...?" Raphael asked moodily.

"I told him he needed to grow up a little..." April pursed her lips, scrunching the gloves and lightly tapping them against her other hand. "OK, a lot."

"That's a big ask," said Mikey.

"And you know, according to him, I've changed," she added scathingly, slapping the gloves down on the bike's handlebars and folding her arms. "Hey, get this - I'm a different person."

"Metatextual," said Donatello, and the others gave him a curious look.

"It'll be fine," said Raphael gruffly, uncomfortable.

"Hiii, Raph," said April playfully, skipping over to adjust the trailing ends of his red bandana. "You doing OK? Had, um, any solo adventures lately?" She raised an eyebrow. "Anything you wanna share?"

"Well, I suppose-" Raphael began cautiously and a little suspiciously, but Leonardo interrupted.

"-Hey, not that it isn't nice to see you, April-"

"-It's aaalways nice to see Aaaapril..." Michelangelo drawled, sidling up and snuggling against her, head on her shoulder. Laughing, she pushed him away, but held onto his arm.

-"But you've got a reason for coming out here, haven't you?" Leo continued, concerned. "Is something wrong?"

There was a pause before April replied, and in that pause the whole mood changed. "It's Splinter," she told them. "He sent me to find you guys."

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