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Originally Posted by MsMarvelDuckie View Post
In IDW, Splinter is Yoshi reincarnated, so yes, the turtles would all be Hamatos in that incarnation, for certain. 4Kids is a bit tricky- Splinter himself was (IIRC) referred to by the Hamato surname, but his own sons weren't. He took Yoshi's family name to honor his master and owner, but didn't give it to his own family? That never made much sense to me. If anything, he should have at least corrected the Daimyo in Battle Nexus by addressing the question.
I hear you Ms M, but what I'm getting at is that even in IDW they're not actually referred to as Hamato, we can only assume they are but it's one of those things that's never really addressed head on in black and white. Also you've made me wonder now why Splinter never calls the turtles his previous incarnation's son's names? They stick entirely with what April named them. Hmm. I may have to write in about that

My vet automatically gives our pets the family surname. I always think its cute if I ring up for the cat's test results, it's like talking about a person.
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