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Originally Posted by Darthknuxward View Post
True, but if her past relationships are anything to go by, then I'm almost certain she'll come back. It's less hope and more based of past expierences.
Sure, she may come back. But based on everything you've told us it doesn't seem like she'll stay for long. I could be off-base here, but it feels like you still want her to some extent, and if so... If it's gonna be a continuing cycle -- she comes back to you, then leaves you for someone else, then comes back again when it doesn't work out -- you'll just keep getting hurt if you keep yourself available for her and she keeps breaking your heart.

Nobody can tell you what to do but you, but I can say from experience that if you've got an unhealthy pattern like this, leaving that door even slightly open can be dangerous. If you want to really move on, you need to move on entirely.
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