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@Cryomancer: Don't worry I won't be whitewashing him, We get so few canonical black characters in media I won't be ignoring the original character design. OG Bebop will stay Bebop, I was even hoping to use Tortuglio's Human Bebop Custom Sprites for his Retromutated animations.

The funky colors are just for the color separation of the sprite. It adds much more versatility to the outfits that Bebop can display. By having all of the elements uniquely indexed with unique colors I can change his arm color independent of his face & torso, so some of Bebop's palettes will be able to have shirt sleeves or gloves/no gloves.

Yeah me too, had to give priority to Bebop especially since they left him out of Sega's Hyperstone Heist... He deserves top billing this time around.
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