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I always wondered: Did Richard Nixon still exist, or ever get mentioned again in the Marvel Comics Universe, after he shot himself in that one issue of Captain America back in the '70s?

Comics are f*cking nuts.

People like to pretend that making hard-left political statements in comics is a fairly new trend, but as we saw back then when they revealed that Tricky Dick was secretly the head of some massive shadow cabal trying to create a New World Order, or whatever, that kinda thing's been going on for quite a while.

Like it would've been one thing for the writer of that story to simply make some kind of statement about Nixon being corrupt and dishonest; but no, they went ahead and made him a full-blown super-villain (albeit while never explicitly showing his face, but c'mon, it was obvious who it was supposed to be). And then he shoots himself.

Story read like Matt Groening wrote it.

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