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Originally Posted by newfan View Post
I liked that episode, it had light humour content throughout with the turtles explaining to the Splinter why they were so battered up and later when Leo says to stockman:
"we don't want to hurt you" followed by "we don't? did I,..miss a meeting?" Though I'd not say it was the funniest line ever but I liked it.

As mentioned above it's not always just a line but the whole scene in some cases.
Yeah, humor-wise, that was bar none one of the funniest episodes.

Leo: Guys, we're ninjas, we move swiftly and this is the important part: silently!
But then he fails to see that he has reached the end of the roof he was running and plummets down with a loud scream. He then falls through the glass roof of a greenhouse where to his horror also hangs a...
Still unable to to stop his forward momentum, Leo runs through the outer wall of the greenhouse, off of that roof onto a fire escape ladder and tumbles down several floors until finally coming to rest in a garbage pile. All of it with a lot of noise and happening in front of the others.

Raph: That wasn't very silent Leo!

The next day during training Splinter is the first to notice that the boys have been up to no good. because their training regime isn't at all going well.
Master Splinter: YA ME!
The Turtles sit down to attention.
Master Splinter: Is there something you want to tell me?
Mikey: Something we WANT to tell you? No.
Master Splinter: You all seem tired for some reason.
Leo: We're not!
Raph: Wide awake!
Donnie: Fresh as daisies!
Mikey yawns loudly in response
Master Splinter: So you wouldn't object to a little RANDORI?

Splinter takes out his wooden sword and proceeds to smack the snot out of their shells.
Master Splinter: I hope you see turtles that the truth isn't the only thing that hurts!

The turtles arrive back at the lair all bruised and battered, (Look closely at Raphael in this scene, he actually has one of his sais stuck in his back shell.)

They try to sneak in but Splinter is there to welcome them with open arms...
Leo: Ah, Sensei!
Master Splinter: And where have you been?
Raph: Nowhere...
Master Splinter: How did you get so hurt?
Leo: Oh, that, uhm, we were, uhm...
Raph: Hit...
Donnie: By a...
Mikey: Bus?
Mikey grins at Splinter with his teeth falling out.

Donnie: Hit by a bus!?
Mikey: Well, what was I supposed to say? Meteor? Cow? Flying building?!
They sneer at each other.

And of course...

Master Splinter: The first rule of being a ninja is do no harm. Unless you mean to do harm. Then do lots of harm!
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