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Hey so I added some things and move some attacks around.

- Added new Idle stance animation
- The Sewer Pop up move is now at HP + HK
- Any 2 punches or Any 2 kicks performs Turtle Assists
- I've only coded Raphael's Ground assist(LK+MK),
- Leonardo's Ground + Air Assist(LP+MP)
- Mikey's Air Assist (MP + HP)
- Also changed the turtle assists. They behave more like Foot Assists did in Shredder. I haven't coded Donnie's yet
-Sprited some new attacks Air Heavy Kick, Crouching Heavy Kick
-Made a new Super Macho Gazpacho Kick 2QCF + Any Kick while mid-air
-Made new Special Crescent Kick QCF + Any Kick

I'll make a new video once I finish Donnie's Assist
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