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Trying to thumb-text anything of substance is a goddamn nuisance, anyway. The three or four times I even TRIED to use this forum on my phone, it took me like five minutes to type something that it would take like a minute to type on the laptop, between stupid Auto-Correct and the usual touchscreen-related nonsense. I can't even imagine using my phone as the primary method of using this forum, that sounds positively awful. Unless you're one of those "one sentence post full of spelling errors" people, which I obviously am not.

Literally the only time I've ever used my phone for this sh*t is when my laptop is doing updates or I'm in the kitchen cooking something that takes a long time to cook. And using the phone for this is so awful I haven't even done that much in years, I just look at YouTube videos and figure the 'Drome will still be there when I get back upstairs and can post properly again.

I also hate looking at tiny text and having to "stretch" the screen just to read someone's posts. Seriously I'm aghast and amazed that anyone would ever use their phone to forum-post as anything but a last resort. It's the sh*ts.

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