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Originally Posted by Zog The Magnificent View Post
No need to resort to insults. Though I think that based on your response, you really don't have anything substantive to say, since it appears you can't really refute my evidence beyond declaring it doesn't count. Even in your longest post many of your refutations boiled down to this. Regardless, I've said all I need to say. By all available evidence and information, Mutant Apocalypse is officially noncanon. If you want to cling to the idea that it is canon, be my guest. At the end of the day it's a fictional story and people are going to count what they want to anyways. It's clear that you'll never change your opinion no matter what I present, and that this dialogue, one sided as it was, has run its course. So with that, I'm done talking about it. Off to other conversations!
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