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Originally Posted by Vegita-San View Post
dino in the sewers WOULD have been OK, but you don't feel for zog in this one. he regains his memories and his feelings and basically turns evil, negating the whole raph bonding thing. therefore his sacrifice feels flat and you don't care.

they also basically seem to forget about Krang Prime after this. She seems to vanish totally.
Well, I mean, Kraang Prime dies, so it's no surprise that they stop using the character. The Kraang are pretty much beaten after Battle for New York, and they make one attempt at coming back before dying to the Triceratons. I don't think it's "forgotten" so much as "resolved."

I'm surprised you didn't like Dinosaur Seen in Sewers. I think that 2012's take was actually more realistic because of the fact that they turtles suffer a realistic consequence for what they did. It's something that's never really touched on in any other version, but it's kind of a messed up thing what they do to Zog. Here's a guy whose delusional and doesn't know what's going on, and the turtles take advantage of him and use him for their own purpose, resulting in his death. Zog in this version regains his sanity and rightly calls them out on it, which was also an effective twist since everyone, being familiar with the old stories, wasn't expecting it. Also, I don't really think his sacrifice fell flat because it wasn't really a sacrifice this time. He let himself die so the rest of the Triceratons could show up, and the emotional payoff is supposed to be less in his death and more in the turtles feeling guilty.

EDIT: I TOTALLY forgot about the super retromutagen. That part was also stupid. That was just "we couldn't think of a way to resolve this realistically, here's a solution we pulled out of our butt."

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