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Neca Figures and future?

NECA Figures (Issues finding some and what will be out in the future?

I cannot find the NECA FIGURES Ultimate Foot Solder, Kerma w Mondo Gecko.

When will the Ultimate Pizza creature and the other 2 punk frogs be out?

Why does Target have empty shelves of these figures and I could never find the 4 pack of the Turtles in disguise

NECA announced the 4 pack of the Channel 6 crew, Wingnut w Screwloose (I knew those would be soon) and Groundchuck w Dirtbag (I wondered when they'd be). When do those come out

Also of both Playmates Tokka & Rahzar back in 1991 and the current Neca Tokka and Razhar figures, why have they been ones that have been hard to find within these 30 yrs?

Also of the NECA Figures (They list ones to be out for at least the year

What do you project will be out within the next 2 years?

Will they make Walt with Zack Rhino Man Bebop and Rocksteady, the Nutrenos, Rock Soldiers, Yusagi Yujimbo (His name is hard to spell), Lotus Blossom, or Tempestra (if they do then they will have made all the villians in Night of the Rouges). What of that Mutant Plant in 1 of the Eye of Sarnoth Episodes. Or what of REX-1?
They never made or a head for Baxter of him as a human!!!
Will they even Make Cheeseburger Man? (From the Rhino Man episode) or any of the 1 off mad scientists? or Big Louie and the other crime bosses that appeared in more than 1 ep like Mad Dog McNutt, Pinky McFingers, Don Turtelli (with a feather)
Will they make Lord Dregg, Mung, Hi-Tech, Technobots, Carter (Is it me or was he a homage to Keno), April in her Red Sky era Attire, Berskero, Tantitus and Cyber Turtles (that was a homeage to Power Rangers I felt).

Will they make a Technodrome? Will they make a set of the mad scientists?
What do any of you predict?

of Movies, will they make Tatsu (Why they never had merchandise of him?), Keno, Chief Sterns, and Professor Jordan Perry? I doubt they'd make the Third movie figures as that movie didn't go over well with us fans and was one sequel too many.

These NECA Figures ARE VERY WELL MADE. Too bad when Toys r us closed that took out a source of where to find them.

What do you predict will be made 2022 and beyond?
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