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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
I think the next frog set is due August but I've seen a few people say they've found them now so I guess they're starting to trickle out.

According to their email updates Ultimate Pizza Monster is "Fall 2021"

All of the new reveals are due August to October this year. The Channel Six pack will likely ship end July/early August.

Can't comment on Playmates but the NECA movie versions were made to order last year so they were never released in stores. If you were collecting the line at the time they were easier to get than most of the in store stuff but for new fans jumping on the line now they're much harder to come by.

NECA teased animated Tokka & Razhar for next year, and a 3-Pack most are assuming will be the Neutrinos.

Usagi Yojimbo is a fan favourite but the rights aren't available at the moment as a series is being developed (I think by Netflix?) so the merchandise rights are tied up there.

Beyond that who knows. Random one offs like Cheeseburger Man I can't see happening but Tempestra, Lotus Blossom, human Baxter, yeah they all seem possible.

Red Sky seasons don't have the same level of nostalgia grab but if the line stays successful then it gives them a good opportunity to revisit some of the main characters and do some new major villains rather than one offs. So, maybe? It's hard to say as Dregg is (in the series) a bigger villain than Rat King, Leatherhead, etc but those characters are far more iconic for TMNT fans and were in the earlier episodes that far more people watched/remember.

They've already hinted at the van and sewer lair. So if they do those and they sell well then I guess we could see the Technodrome happen. Likely not in the near future though as those other big items are likely to come first.

Tatsu is an issue with likeness rights. The actor who played him doesn't want to give his likeness for the figure so they can't make him.

Keno was pretty much confirmed to be coming by the actor who played him I believe.

Third movie I can't see them going deep but I'm sure they'll do the Samurai Turtles. They were able to sell the Out of Their Shells figures, Samurai Turtles or even TNM Turtles should be easy sell compared with that!
But Tatsu is a main character!!! No figure was ever made of him and I wondered that even 30 yrs ago.

Also what do you guess will be released in 2022?

I wish it wasn't I go to to look for these at Target and they are not there at all.
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