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Originally Posted by fastforwarddregg View Post
Also what do you guess will be released in 2022?
An entire line of new mirage sculpts; a new turtles 4 pack, foot clan/elite soldier 4-pack and utrom box set, fugitoid, mutanimals, Jennika, Last Ronin, Hamato Yoshi, Ninjara, Renet, Savanti Romero, Splinter, Casey, April, Armaggon

Toon: Neutrinos, Usagi Yo Jimbo, Merman, Lotus Blossum, Tempestra, Mona Lisa, REX-1, Dregg, Carter, Human B&R, Human Baxter & Mousers, Hamato Yoshi, Oroku Saki, Ultimate Krang, Walt, Tiffani, Shredder's mom, Dirk Savage, Bugman, Tokka & Rahzar

Comic Con Exclusive: Turtles 4 Pack in shades and leather jacket

Loot Crate: Octopus Ink Casey, Super Irma, Aska, Clayton Kellerman, Hokum Hare, Don Turtelli

Video Game: Tora, Traag and Granitor, Chrome Dome, War

Movie Keno and Toon Zach will likely be released this year

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