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Originally Posted by Mexiun View Post
Just read that letter, that is hilarious if its real and yet i wonder if its indeed staged since the person writing the angry letter said basically everything thats said on this forum.
Also why do they even publish angry ones if its all they get now? lol, i'm sure most of the positive ones are staged by now.
Also Bobby saying "Its okay to stop reading!" uh no it isn't? Sales = continuation = paycheck, so its obviously NOT okay... so tired of this "im actually angry but its okay if you stop [insert hobby]!" its a lie for damage control.

Its so obvious they are rolling in their own regret at the moment but they are just being nice and beating around the bush with this.
I bet, in 10 years, if Bobby or Tom gets an interview about this current run they start with a long "Uuhhmm" and look the other way when talking about it.

I'll be honest, and i hate to say this as a huge TMNT fan since the early 90's: I hope this comic gets cancelled to show how they fked up and then just reboot the whole thing after a couple of years (and make Sophies run non-canon while you're at it, story ended with Splinters death anyway).
Nah, The comic is here to stay and the current run is such a breath of fresh air, You can always read the other TMNT comics if the current comic isn't appealing to you.
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