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Originally Posted by Bahamut810 View Post
Yes, yes I am. I was still watching the train wreck that is RWBY till the last episode. I really hope that it does not come back because I will feel the need to watch and finish it and it is utter drivel now.

One day I will ask how many my store orders. I know they have a huge stack of them that never goes down.
I just know since my shop is small, they will drop books when there is no demand for them. Like yeah, they'll get the mainstream stuff, Batman, Harley, Deadpool, Spawn, etc but they won't bother to order something like say... the Life is Strange comics unless enough people ask for it and are reliable enough to actually buy it.

Like if I demand the newer TMNT issues, and then don't buy em cause the Sophie stuff turns me off, I now got a bad rap for them so when an actually good comic that kinda niche comes up, I'm just spitballing here, but imagine a Toxic Avenger comic made by a smaller company like Boom Comics, if I ask for that, they'll probably deny it cause I already told em to special order TMNT comics that I didn't buy and they're still clogging up the shelves, lmao. I try to stay cool with these guys,
"I was down with TMNT once, but then they changed what TMNT was. Now what I was down with is no longer TMNT and what TMNT now is seems weird and scary. And it'll happen to YOU."

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