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Originally Posted by Roseangelo View Post
The defined “seasons” for the original TMNT series are very muddy. They were not set on a regular schedule like they are today. Also, while CBS episodes started airing on Saturday mornings, there were still new episodes happening in syndication. Trying to sort them out into one cohesive list was never really going to be possible.
I'm still trying to remember the first time I heard "season" applied to a TV show. Once upon a time, that was the strangest thing to me. I always thought "seasons" existed more for the networks to use in promotion than they did for the actual studios and animators working on the shows. It was such a different time... the goal of most cartoon shows was to score syndication privileges to churn out 52 or so episodes and then make money in perpetuity. Any additional orders for a small crop of new episodes was considered icing on the cake.

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