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Originally Posted by Pro Igrok View Post
Thanks! Our game is not abandoed and we want to introduce small but huge teaser trailer of our game :

Really exciting, PI!

Here's my thoughts on the teaser:
*Really like the instrumental version of the famous "T-U-R-T-L-E Power!" theme from the movie... even on an infinite loop it sounds good... although I do kinda wish it featured a few more stanzas and the coda.
*Seeing the game view zoomed out so far was a bit jarring. But it was nice to see the arcade-style 4-player select bar.
*Devastated Channel Six building stage? Cool!
*Like seeing the demonstration of all the attack moves like juggling and the running shell smash.
*Disappointed that all we got to see of the fighting was Mikey against generic Foot Soldiers, and Roadkill Rodneys (though I do LOVE Roadkill Rodneys).
*Overall, the pacing was quite a bit bland for being the first teaser trailer in many months. The music playing from the Konami logo really got me thinking this was going to be a thorough trailer for the game. Alas... I guess I'll just keep waiting for that one.

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