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So did nobody read this issue? Its been out since Jul 23rd, surprised not to see this bumped with any reviews.

Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Apparrently I am cleared to say this... but I've been assisting Gary on this the whole time. Given many notes and he's been receptive on pretty much every one the entire time.

This is gonna be pretty cool, folks. And there's even a small injection of what Arseniy and I did into things. In a few ways. And one big way, to come.
Leo's hand reminded me of what you did in your Image conclusion, so I can see the connection.

Great issue overall, I can see things are heading back to a clean slate with Mirage continuity, and I'm glad we see all the big villains together (Warlord Komodo, Lady Shredder, the Komodo dragon mutant, and Cheng), all for the finale.

I suspect they'll be a lot of deaths in the next issue since we don't see any of these characters show up in Mirage, so I'm interested to see how it goes. Only character MIA is Leatherhead, but I guess it's not too big a deal knowing what he goes through in Tales V. 2 and in Volume 4.
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