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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
There was also the gangsters thinking about getting Shadow back again, but that stuff can just be overlooked.

I'm curious though how they handle the villains since as we know, they don't appear in Vol. 4. Next issue might be a massacre or bloodbath. King Komodo, Chen, Lady Shredder and the Komodo Dragon mutant might all die.

I'm not sure where Dr. X will go, I guess zoom off to find Leatherhead so he can teleport back to the Utroms.
Heck, there's no reason Issue #26 has to wrap everything up in a neat little bow. It could even serve as the launching point to a new parallel, unrelated ongoing continuing on from Issue #26. Volume 3.5, as it were.

Now, it probably WON'T. But it COULD.
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