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You didn't miss much. Just a bunch of characters (both live action and animation) and entertainment personalities from a mix of both kid and adult properties/shows have climbed to the top of the Paramount (logo) mountain and stand around, a few making comments while some, like Leo, look unimpressed and/or bored.

Really, Leo isn't placed with toddler toons... he's standing near RuPaul (well check that off the list of things that have happened lol), a puppet, and whoever the heck that was on the right. (edit: Oh god, it's a girl from Jersey Shore... so check that one off, too.)


So I just realized there is a whole series of these ads. Been watching for Leo in any others and so far only just spotted him once in the background for just a moment (edit: think this is the only other one), in what looks like the same reused pose -- darn, they could have done a little more with him -- BUT it looks like Raph is back there with him!

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