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Were the Underground Mutants created using Utrom Ooze?

I was going to make a thread asking why the crystals radiation worked as an anti-mutagen on the mutants created by the Foot but not on the Turtles who are also mutants, and then I rewatched the episode to look for an answer, which is pretty clear. They received special genetic reconstruction treatment first and the radiation just kept it stable.

But I did notice something else, the Foot used a green ooze to mutate the humans. That sounds rather similar to what the Utroms have and as we all know, this version of the Shredder is an Utrom himself. Now they say the Ooze and it's properties aren't intentional, it's just a waste product from the transmat, which isn't really a problem given that Shredder could have toyed around with trying to build a transmat himself and discovered Ooze in the process. Now the problem here is what their Ooze does, the Utrom Ooze made creatures more humanoid and intelligent, the Foot Ooze made humans less intelligent and less humanoid. So it makes me wonder if it is the same substance at all.

Still, I guess he at least has an excuse to not create an army of mutants, unlike the Fred Wolf Shredder.
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