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Originally Posted by Warhorse View Post
Who is we? I seem to recall alot of members on this board who love the Turtle tots, including me!
Ok, we'll pretend that's true for a day... there still isn't enough they could to with that point in the timeline.

And how could the kids not like the junior versions? Kids seemed to like Tiny Toons, Duck Tales, The Chipmunks, why would they not like Adventures of the Turtle Tots?
Kids today don't really like the turtles anymore... hence cancellation.

And those shows were just plain good, their success had nothing to do with the age of the characters.

Originally Posted by Warhorse View Post
Kind of like how people like it when there are episodes that feature the Turtles without their masks.
That's more like a creepy fetish.

If you don't like the idea, then don't watch it. I don't like the Turtles without pupils in the 2k3 show, but I got over it.
You're damn right I'm not gonna watch it, because it's never gonna be produced!

Funny you say that, there are tons of fans of the comics, and the Turtles aren't teenagers anymore.
If volume 4 had "a ton of fans", then it would still be produced like a normal book and NOT just for order from Mirage. And I'm pretty sure we're talking about cartoons anyways.

I believe people are fan of the Turtles period. They could care less if they are tykes, teenagers, or well in their thirties and forties. They care about the personalities and the family dynamic and the cool Ninjitsu fighting action. Never heard people becoming fans because the Turtles were teenagers.
You're missing the point that doing prequels normally creates stupid plot holes. If you watch the first episode you can tell that they really haven't had that many adventures. So I guess you just want to watch them sit in the lair and make poop jokes for a 20 minutes and then train for the remainder.

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