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Originally Posted by Super Goku View Post
I like the Masters of The Universe action figures. Most of my figures in this line are from Masters of The Universe Classics, the 6" to 7" figures with pretty good articulation. I wish these figures weren't so expensive. exclusives make them harder to get.
You ain't F***IN' KIDDING.

If I'm not THE biggest He-Man fan ever, I'm definitely Top 5, and I don't have ONE of these damn things because of how rare/expensive they are.

...Although, given my current budget/lifestyle situation, even if they were mass-produced and sold at Toys R Us or whatever I may not be able to get them.

Still, knowing that actually having the complete set is gonna be more or less impossible for me now, it's kind of discouraging to even try and get into it. Which sucks, because those figures are really great and I love how they've "completed" the MOTU mythology with them.

I have a bunch of the original figures - mostly mangled from how much they were played with... most of them had multiple trips through the ol' Horde Slime Pit - and about 3/4 of the 2003 line. Right when they introduced the Snake Men stuff was where I fell out, because all the figures were disappearing off shelves and showing up on the other side of the mall behind the counter at the comic book store for $50 each within a day of being released. I even got the Castle Grayskull with the voice chips in it. F*cking BOSS. I really wanted to have the entire line since I'd come so far; maybe one day, since I"m not missing that many from that set.

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