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I'unno, man... nowadays I'm more likely to cop to watching MLP: FiM than I am to admitting to being a Turtles fan. Especially with stuff like Rise and the BayTurtles flicks leaving such a rancid stink.

Like if I tell someone I like MLP, the absolute worst thing that's gonna happen is they're gonna try and show me porn. If I say I like TMNT, someone who doesn't know any better usually tries to rope me into a conversation about Rise or the BayTurtles movies. And I'd rather take my chances with the person(s) offering to show me porn. It's less likely to cause brain damage than listening to someone defend BayTurtles.

Now, once upon a time, I had no shame in being a TMNT fan. Then Nick came along and wrecked everything, and now I don't claim that sh*t AT ALL outside of this place.

Also, if I'm being fully honest... FiM honestly entertained me way more than the Nick TMNT show did. I won't argue with anyone who sees it differently, I personally just laughed way more often and way harder at FiM. If you told me in 2009 that this would be my stated opinion of preference between the two, I'd have smacked you, but here we are. Everything has sh*tty fans; I just think it was a more entertaining show. Or at least "wittier". Certainly the last place I'd ever have expected to see a Clockwork Orange gag, but again, here we are.

Maybe it's as simple as with one show, I went into it expecting a lot and was mostly let down, and with the other, I expected absolutely nothing and was repeatedly given gold. Certainly, that could be it.

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