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Originally Posted by Bro Kai Legend View Post
So I have heard of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness and its basically a RPG Book of some powers and abilities.

Here it states that its based off the Mirage TMNT but I always question if whether the TMNTAOS is canon or at least close source material to it.

With 3 Questions I shall question yall

1. Is the TMNT RPG Books such as Strangeness canon to the Mirage or been noted for close material to the Mirage?
2. Has it been considered as separate continuity?
3. Is the TMNT & Other Strangeness Universe part of the TMNT Multiverse?
That RPG was the first introduction to TMNT for IDW TMNT's Sophie Campbell.

There's a Supplement for it called After The Bomb.

Its pretty influential since its been referenced in other medium.

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