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What the hell, one more. While the Turtles are preoccupied with the emergence of their new foe the [redacted], the Foot Clan are busy trying to rebuild after their defeat in Secret of the Ooze, despite the absence of the Shredder. How do they go about that...? Fall back on plan A.

Extract 4 - The Foot Clan's junkyard base

Tatsu strode across the yard toward them at a measured pace, and the low murmuring of conversation among the Foot died as he approached and entered the workshop. He stood silent and still as a statue for a long moment, indifferent to the forlornly accusing look April directed at him in her tied and taped up misery.

"Master Shredder is gone." Tatsu did not have to demand quiet from the others, his presence alone achieved it. "Killed by the... sewer vermin. We will avenge him... They will be drawn here. To free our prisoner. All escape blocked. Trapped. Like rats." His eyes flitted around the workshop as he spoke, gauging the reaction.

April sat still, but her hands were busy behind her urgently trying to loosen the rope around her wrists, trying and getting nowhere to her increasing dismay. I'm not going to panic, I'm not going to panic, I'm going to get out of this somehow...

What would the Turtles do? They would... undermine the threat with humor, before using their amazing ninja skills to affect an escape...

OK... That's real helpful!

One ninja raised his hand hesitantly, almost lowered it and one of his neighbors forced it high again. Tatsu noticed that. This question was from them all.

"Master, I, forgive me - that is..." He tailed off nervously as Tatsu waited with uncharacteristic patience. "What if we... I mean, if Master Shredder couldn't beat these Turtles...?" The man bowed low, fearing an outburst of violence from his volatile master.

"You are right to think this," said Tatsu, and many of them started in surprise. "These Turtles - we will not beat them with... stratagems, or making more freaks like them. We will beat them with numbers. With strength." Raising his hands, he held them far apart. "They are weak... They care for her..." A glance toward April, and her eyes widened in alarm. "That will be their death!"

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