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Never noticed this thread before. Nice.

Seems like a lot of TMNT fans have similar musical tastes, which is cool!

You can also definitely tell the Americans from the rest of the World too!

So in no particular order, here are 10 of my favourite bands/artists:

The Strokes (these would be my #1)
The Maccabees
Notorious BIG
Led Zeppelin
Crystal Castles
Major Lazer/Diplo (…yeah I'm fitting 2 acts in 1 space )
David Bowie
Puff Daddy (before he changed his name numerous times)

Man that was way tougher than I thought! Got it down to a shortlist of around 20…filled the first 7-8 spaces pretty easy, then I had to pick 2 from 12…yeah, tough!

The hardest choice was between Bowie or Duran Duran…I prefer Bowies overall catalogue, but Duran Duran have one of my all-time favourite singles. So I imagined if I had to live on a desert island with the 10 artists I’ve listed, their full catalogues…would have to choose Bowie. Just.

Other honourable mentions must go to:
Daft Punk
The Horrors
Bombay Bicycle Club
Beastie Boys
Wu Tang Clan
Late of the Pier
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