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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
Chris Evans as Casey jones and Sarah Michelle Gellar as April were not only good in the 07 movie but would've been great in a live action movie as well. Gellar is too old and Evans too famous now though.
I believe Peter Laird wanted to see both of them in his version of a live action TMNT movie.

If she was younger, I'd say Amy Adams. Though she wasn't that great in the DCEU, I think that's more based on the script than anything. She's much better in other roles like Arrival. I wouldn't mind Olivia Munn as April, if they wouldn't mind casting someone who's in her late 30s now. She could at least pull off a Mirage styled April if they could bush her hair a bit....maybe? Anne Hathaway would be a great choice since she has the chops to pull off a really good April.

For Casey, if he wasn't pushing his 40s, I would've loved Ryan Reynolds.

I'm pretty sure any good actors and actresses in their 30s can still play April and Casey.

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