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The feedback list has become too long to update into this post. Because of this, I have created a new system to keep track of it. It's in web page format and it shows you feedback in point values.

You can check your score in one quick glance. It's right next to your Screen Name. You'll still be able to see who gave you those points as well. Everything's in alphabetical order. I'll probably add jump links once the list gets longer.

1 Point = Positive Transaction Experience
0 Point = Neutral Transaction Experience
-1 Point = Negative Transaction Experience

A Positive comment about a transaction add's to your overall score, a Negative comment decreases your score and Neutral comments don't do anything.

If you have any suggestions for improving the listing please send those my way. Please check your Forum Screen Name closely. There have been a lot of name changes and I am not aware of all of them. If you notice a mistake please PM that info. Also, if you have feedback anywhere else and you'd like me to add a link please PM that too.



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