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Thanks gang! Just to be clear, the images above are from the current Propstore auction. My Donnie maquette is pictured below. Pay no mind to unpainted Slimer in the coffee mug.

Do you collect just the statues, or other stuff too?
My collection focuses on the entire range of the filmmaking process-- creative, technical, boring day-to-day, a little bit of everything, to be honest. I've been dying to do a blog for years. I need to get back on that.

Those look great. Leo's face in particular looks like the 1990 version with more texture.

Donny sadly gets the short shift in the face department.
Oh, I couldn't disagree more! I love the wild eyes that Donnie has in the maquette. The detail is really insane.

Did Brendan McCarthy work on this series? I could never believe they actually got him to work on the concept art for the Steve Baron film(s). Such a great team they had back then.
You aren't kidding. For being such a green director (heh), Barron really surrounded himself with top notch talent. McCarthy worked on both Barron TMNT projects, 1990 and 2001. He illustrated a majority of the shooting storyboards on 1990. The only art to surface from 2001 is conceptual, no storyboards. McCarthy was also writing and designing Mad Max: Fury Road around the same time, although it wasn't produced until much later.
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