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Question Question about Ninja Tribunal artefacts

I have been watching the Ninja Tribunal season for the very first time, and there is one plot point that either went over my head or actually wasn't explained correctly.

At the start of the arc the NJ tell the TMNT that there are three artefacts. One they hold at the Lap of the Gods, but the other two were stolen from them, and that the mystics were going to use them to resurrect the Shredder. Unless I missed something, it sounded like the artefacts had been stolen by the mystics.
However, in the next couple of episodes we see the NJ locate the artefacts and recover them - and in the river instance, before the Kappa Tengu can get to them and give them to the mystics.

So, if the mystics sent the Kappa to recover the artefacts, who stole them to begin with, if it wasn't them?!

(I also have to wonder about the timing of the NJ suddenly "locating" the artefacts. Surely they didn't need the acolytes to recover them?)

Am I missing something here? Maybe I got distracted at a key moment and missed some dialogue. Lol.
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