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Hah, I totally understand, I've done it before and with other things. I assume muscle memory is to blame. (Excluding those that have auto correct memory instead. lol)

Caught the repeat of that one this evening just so I could try to catch what those characters are actually saying this time. I really kind of want those three to come back and interact again with all of the Turtles, along with Sean Astin getting in on it.

As a huge Leo fan and not fond of what this show has done with him, hearing that one line from "Loathsome Leonard," something about thinking they'd made Raph leader just for change and it kind of hurt his feelings (but then thinking Raph actually had a knack for the crime stuff) in a recognizable voice of a previous Leo was a little cathartic. I appreciate that they lightly acknowledged it without taking the route of taking a jab at people not on board with that decision.
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