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And you used to hate the show right Vegita? Cool to see someone's opinion change. I also rank it after 2k3 and 1987 but it's a good show despite the things that annoy me.

Originally Posted by Vegita-San View Post
Bebop and Rocksteady arc was odd. it was as close to a straight up classic episode as we'll get. although I still don't like how the old turtles are shown as 'worthless' compared to their modern counterparts, when the 2k12 turtles are just as goofy, if not more so than they ever where in some cases.
The second crossover was a mistake, while it's funny it treats the 1987 turtles as worthless, not as bad as Turtles Forever but the first crossover they had was done so well, they should've just left it at that.
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