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Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
It didn't have to be a spacecraft to explain the material, no. A meteor is a perfectly fine explaination for the material itself, the question is more about how they learned to use it, for which a spacecraft would help explain it.

Human beings have made use of copper for at least 9000 years but electrical engineering wasn't really a thing until 200 years ago. If they had samples of vibranium technology to study, that would make the process of figuring out how to make something useful out of it much easier.
Well they learned to use it by any real sociological explanation for any society - location during development leads to specialization in things regarding the immediate environment.

e.g., in-story vibranium was pretty much only found in Wakanda, and so while other parts of the world were toying around with copper or forging steel, Wakandans were toying around with vibranium and it evolved from there. And because it's an "advanced fictional" metal, it was then a gateway to technological uses that could surpass other civilizations that had their own, different gateways. For example, maybe vibranium is super conductive on it's own merits and led the civilization to develop electrical engineering more quickly.

When you are a civilization built on a shoreline, you had a greater navy than other nations. When you are a civilization built near limestone deposits, you had quarries and stone architecture before other nations. When you are a civilization built at the base of a precious metals site, you have mining before other nations.

They didn't need vibranium technology. They only needed the vibranium.
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