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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Not show info, but Cicis pizza buffet restaurant is doing a 'Rise' promo on Tuesdays (4pm to close) from Jan 22nd through March 12th. (Valid only for ages 10 and under, so take a kiddie along... )

It mentions giving out "totally rad collectible masks." I'm curious if it's just the basic fabric sort or if it is anything legitimately potentially collectable.
Yeah, overall the whole thing is disappointing. It said in the ad on the website that it's for TMNT fans of all ages, and yet in reality it's looking like it's ONLY for kids? I was looking forward to getting a mask, at least... until I found out (through a commercial) they are only made out of paper and it looks like they hook onto your ears. Meh... I'll pass.

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