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It's tough to measure the "success" in dollars and cents between the three eras (MK1-4 Era, DA+ Era, and Reboot Era, or whatever you'd call each of them) because arcade cabinet sales and quarter-drops were also factors towards how profitable the first four games were, and now they're not factors at all. Also, finding exact sales numbers for a lot of console games from that era is notoriously spotty, as precise records weren't often kept and even less often reported. Anything over a "million-seller" was considered "good", and past that they generally didn't talk much about specific numbers.

There's no doubt that the first three games were hugely successful, and there's no doubt that the reboot, MKX and MK11 have also all been very successful.

My point is simply that your statement implying that the three "Mid-Period" MK games also weren't very successful, or that "nobody was paying attention" to them, is patently false. They all sold very well, got very good scores, AND won a bunch of awards. All during an era where they had a LOT more high-end competition than MKII had in 1995, or MK11 does now. It's very easy to be the "big kid on the block" and get all the attention when there's literally nobody else worth talking about. It's harder to dominate the conversation when you actually have a lot of worthy competitors each taking their share of the pie.

What would be more accurate to say, is that despite being very successful those three games divided the MK audience somewhat, since not everyone was a fan of the shift to more 3D-based fighting or the "dial-a-combo" mechanics those games heavily relied on. And that the MK reboot game did a lot to win back people who weren't in love with DA, Deception or Armageddon, with its shift back to 2D and a more "back-to-basics" approach.

That would be a fair and true statement. To say that the mid-period games weren't hugely successful or "nobody cared about them", however, is a complete and total lie. And even if they did sell less than MKII or MK11, there are mitigating factors for that which need to be taken into consideration.

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