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Originally Posted by Sumac View Post
And about numbers - I've heard that MKDA sold about 2,1 million copies and each successive MK game sold less and less until MK9. Where did you get 4 million copies number?
Wikipedia. And I said "almost 4 million".
In April 2011, Ed Boon said the game had sold 3.5 million units.
It sold 2.1 million within its first year, then continued to sell more after that. 3.5 is "almost 4 million", which is what I said.

Deception did sell less by most accounts, but probably not by a huge margin (exact numbers are hard to come by). It's recorded as having sold 2 million in the same span of time that it took DA to sell 2 million, though. So round up and figure in the end it sold between 2.5 and 3 on the high end. It also sold 1 million copies faster than any previous game in the series did.

Numbers for Armageddon are the hardest to find, but by January 2007 it had reportedly sold about 1 million copies on Xbox and PS2, less than three months after its release. The Wii version didn't come out until May of that year, so we can roughly tack on another million copies for that console, give or take.

So there was a bit of a slope downward after DA, but it wasn't a sharp decline. DA sold about 3.5, Deception sold roughly 2.5 or 3, and Armageddon probably did about the same or only slightly less, if we factor in Wii sales (which weren't reported that I can find) and allow for the fact that it also probably continued to sell on PS2 and Xbox after that three-month window in which it moved the first million units.

Now, obviously none of that compares to the 8 million or so that MK11 has sold, but it's kind of an unfair comparison when we remember that nothing but Grand Theft Auto sold those kinds of numbers back then. NO fighting game in that era was going to sell more than 4 or 5 million copies, max. By the standards of the time, the numbers that MK was doing were considered quite successful.

And once again, ignoring sales completely, all three of those games were well-reviewed and received awards from numerous magazines and websites. That's a fact.

I'm not trying to say that the newer games haven't been more successful. They are. That's not up for debate.

But Cubed more or less said that the "mid-period" MK games were pretty much invisible and left no impact. Which is factually impossible, considering that they collectively moved about 10 million units altogether and won a bunch of awards. They got a lot of attention, and were very well-received by the standards of the day. That happened. "New games sell more" isn't the point of the argument.

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