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Originally Posted by Sumac View Post
I've completed LOI, but only out of interest to the story and boss battles.

I know that the game kinda treats itself like a Castleroid, but I treated it like a beat'em up and flew through it without bothering with optional paths, though I've killed all secret bosses.
Yeah. Smash smash smash the same two buttons and so on. And yes, the story was my main interest. And I liked the little upgrades they give to make the whipping more fun along the way.

I just think the best Castlevania way to go would be something between your average Resident Evil and Symphony of the Night. Going through Castlevania itself, level by level, open roam with a lot of long winding staircases and secrets. And maybe let you explore around the castle, too. It's really shocking there isn't like a brand new cutting edge Castlevania game every 2 or 3 years. What happened? Did they try to go "too big" with the reboot games with Patrick Stewart and all, then failed? Castlevania seemed like an evergreen property and Konami just seems to have abandoned it. Yeah, maybe they do a cheap portable game every random moon... but this was a juggernaut.

A few more into the new season now. It's not quite as annoying as the last season. I'm mostly on board with it. The people involved are clearly more interested in characterizations than pushing a broader saga forward (though that's not at all what they told us at the beginning), but maybe that's fine for something like this. And it looks like Death is finally going to show up... though maybe in nerfed form. Not an elemental force, but just some random evil guy? Eh.

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