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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
True. Though the reasons they were not superhits were because they did not deserve to be superhits. Though they weren't going in the wrong direction.

And I don't think Konami always coming out with new 2D Castletroid stuff on the handhelds has anything to do with the 3D ones "failing" on the main consoles. They always would have done more 2D Castletroid stuff because they're affordable to make and easy to crank out.
No, it is actually what had happened. Even Igarashi said that.

Konami plan was that CV64 will be super popular and the template for all other Castlevania games going forward, and Symphony of the Night was planned to be a "small spin off". But CV64 ended up being not particularly popular, while Symphony ended up being a megahit.

Konami attempted to "fix" CV64 and, later, release another 3D game for Dreamcast, but neither worked.

Konami wanted to completely shut down the series, but Igarashi insisted that he wants to keep the series alive. Konami agreed, but on a condition: he becomes main producer of the series and release Castlevania game every year on whatever budget Konami gives him, which led to "Symphony of the Clones" and some mediocre 3D games. Until their popularity didn't fall off, due to said 3D games and Igarashi attempts to make Castlevania more popular in Japan.

Funny thing, that first post-Symphony clone, Circle of the Moon, was made not by Igarashi, but by guys behind CV64. Igarashi "borrowed" most of the Circle ideas and made his own Harmony of Dissonance.

Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
It was going to be a disaster. I remember writing about it on my old Castlevania website. It was going to be a big time traveling thing with Sonia Belmont (from Castlevania Legends on Gameboy that was already removed from canon) and others. A few things leaked from it.
Until playable version, which exists, will leak, I won't comment on it, but story indeed sounded very...odd. Especially inclusion of the "Female Dracula".

Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Do you think? Lament of Innocence looked expensive to me, at least at the time. Curse of Darkness, not bad either. Engine and presentation-wise.
Can't be sure about Lament, though copypasted rooms kind of allude to small budget, but COD was definitely made on scraps.

Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
I don't even remember a Symphony of the Night 2 ever being announced.
It was back in 2008 and was quickly swept under the carpet by Konami.

Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
It just struck me when they revealed LOS1 was a reboot. The up until then relatively faithful adherence to a timeline, a growing saga was -- I think -- one of the big boons to Castlevania fans. Now just throw it out the window? Not enhance it instead, or just play in an unexplored corner of it? Stupid. Needless.
Konami thought CV timeline was getting too complex.
I partially agree with them, but at the same time, I loved how most games were part of the bigger narrative.

In many ways it had happened thanks to Igarashi, who introduced a lot of plot points without having any intention to resolve them in the future.

Also, LOS1 was planned to be remake of original Castlevania and original pitch-trailer had Simon Belmont fighting some monster. If I remember right, it was Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear fame, who basically pushed for LOS to be chosen as the next Castlevania game and to be a reboot.

Just to add some more context: after Igarashi was stripped of his influence over Castlevania, Konami held a contest between their US, Japan and European divisions to see, which one will be able to offer the best idea for big budget Castlevania game. Eventually, with Kojima help, EU pitch was chosen.

As you can guess, I am not a big fan of Igarashi and his decisions.

Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
Yeah, but I think the original timeline already had established a Dracula origin of some sort, somewhere along the way (by all means, someone correct me if I'm wrong).
Original timeline did it twice: first in Game Boy Legends and then it was retconned (replaced) by Lament of Innocence, which for all its pitfalls managed to give Dracula more coherent origin, than some "evil wizard".

Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
I mean, the Game Boy, N64 and PS2 games had already splintered the canon into a Castlevania "Multiverse", anyway. LoS being a hard reboot wasn't some kind of mortal sin, I don't think. And again, for whatever else it was the most commercially-successful game, so it's hard to really argue that it was a bad decision. They just went with the thing that was easiest. It worked, so... I'unno.
Legends, CV64, Legacy of Darkness and Circle of the Moon were considered non-canon. Though later "timeline guide" included them in timeline, without mentioning what had happened in those games.

CV64 / LOD was kind of reboot in itself, though, it was mostly because of its troubled development and Circle was initially conceived as spin-off set in Carmilla's castle and not mentioning Belmonts in any capacity.

Also, it might have to do with Igarashi not being involved in development of any of those titles. Just saying.
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