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Lament of Innocence only replaced Legends because they wanted to do "the very first Belmont" again, only hundreds of years before the 1400s this time. And honestly, Lament is basically a reboot. While it still sort of works with the rest of the games, it makes Dracula not into Dracula anymore, and it's a big "everything you ever thought you know about Castlevania's beginnings is WRONG!"

Finished the show. I liked how they portrayed Death, I liked the "psyche!!!" with you know who (which I figured was coming because you know who is a frequent boss in Curse of Darkness, which is years after this). They aligned everything pretty well back to the games' timeline by the end with the possible exception of Isaac... he literally is refusing to do at the end of this season the thing that was the whole point of Curse of Darkness. The Dracula stuff was bizarre... and seemed way more like weird fetish stuff from the writers or Ellis. I sure don't remember anything about folks wanting to resurrect Dracula's and his wife's souls and combine into a hermaphrodite body with boobs and who knows what else.
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