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Originally Posted by Sumac View Post
To be honest, Legends were very mediocre as a game and as a story and its version of Dracula origin was basically "he always was a bad wizard" and that's it. It is besides the fact that Symphony established that Dracula had a loving wife and went insane after her death. So much for him "always being a bad wizard".
All in all, its removal from a timeline is not a big loss, even though, I like idea of Sonia Belmont.
The undercurrent was always that Dracula was the real life Vlad Tepes Dracula, 1431-1476 (and Symphony seemed to cement that, though the opening crawl of CVIII did enough, Bloodlines too for sure). Lament of Innocence took that away. At best, Dracula is just a fake name Matthias or whatever adopted in the 15th century. That's lame. Making Dracula not be Dracula and just a FAKE Dracula is lame.
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