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For one thing, you are correct about "talkback" being a ToonZone thing. However, could you edit your list on the first post of the thread for me? Either omit "Nightmares Recycled" or, preferably, add the cancelled Fast Forward Season 2 as "Season 7" and change BttS to "8". Just in case you haven't noticed yet, the ep titles were given here and the full "Master Fighter 2105" animatic can be unlocked and viewed on

So, why am I so eager to get FF Season 2 mentioned? The more people discuss it, the more likely we'll ever get to see the rest of them released to the public INCLUDING "Nightmares Recycled". Now, I'm pretty sure there is a way to strike-through a title to make it more obvious that it was cancelled, but I'm not sure how. I'll have to get back to you on that.
Originally Posted by ToTheNines View Post
Could someone explain why the Ninja Tribunal went through the trouble of training acolytes when they were powerful enough to combat the Demon Shredder?

They might explain, but I don't feel like watching that season again.
They didn't explain. They slightly hinted that the unwritten rules of mystic warfare prevented The Tribunal from destroying The Demon Shredder... but, I somehow expect that The Tribunal collectively deciding that they're too old for this crap is more likely.
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