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Originally Posted by Mad Dog McMutt View Post
3. Tomba (it got one sequel then the franchise died) for ps1.
Fun fact: in Italy it was called Tombi, probably because in Italian "tomba" means "tomb".
Originally Posted by Mad Dog McMutt View Post
4. Biker Mice From Mars for the snes (sure it was a tv show but they could have came out with more games.
That was a cool series, I still have to watch the 2006 new episodes. It actually also got a Tiger LCD game in 1993, a Nintendo DS/Playstation 2 game (only released in Finland, Australia and the United Kingdom!) in 2006 and a mobile game in 2015.
Fun fact: the European version of the SNES game was sponsored by Snickers, the maker of the candy bars and so Snickers ads can be found around the racing tracks.
Originally Posted by Mad Dog McMutt View Post
7. Wario world (sure there are plenty of wario games but there is only one 3d wario game which is wario world) for the gamecube.
What bug me is the absence of new Warioland-like 2d platforms. The ones on Game Boy/Color/Advance were great, the first one was actually a proper sequel to Super Mario Land 2 and it is probably one of the best games on the platform. Then in 2008 we got Wario Land: Shake It! on the Wii wich also was very well crafted but after that nothing.
There's also a Wario Land on the Virtual Boy and it's surprising it never got released/remade on other platforms.
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