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Yeah, Covid could have slowed things a bit, but I don't believe that would delay it this long if it's really pushed to next year, seeing how that Loud House movie that was announced at the same time already did come out this summer without issue.

Only difference there is what, Loud House isn't canceled? Surely the early cancellation was more of a wrench thrown into it than Covid, but even then this seems like a bit much. They had to know they were closing the series up early like, what, at least spring of last year? Maybe sooner since the toy line was ending already?

Unless it's a different studio doing the movie and no one bothered to inform Netflix that the series was ending until it did and suddenly told them to change most of it. Kidding, but still... It may as well have happened that way.

edit: Maybe getting canceled cut the budget on the film and now they want to do it as cheap as possible, so it's down to just a couple people working on it and an old slow computer... lol
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