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Interestingly for me while Michelangelo is my overall favorite character I feel forcing him to carry all the humor to fit Laird's preferences hurt his character in this version and going forward as he becomes as dumb as Don is intelligent opposed to average intelligence with a flair for athletics and surfer culture.

Raphael I prefer to have a sarcastic side. It's the personality that Rob Paulsen injected into Raphael that made me enjoy the character. Removing that to make him edgy makes him less interesting to me. While my name is MikeandRaph87 and they are my #1 favorite character and close #2 I largely lean to the 1987 cartoon for my appreciation of the characters.

All of that being said I actually prefer Leonardo and Donatello my #3 and #4 Turtles since much of the key aspects of Michelangelo and Raphael are not highlighted in the 2003 cartoon. Leonardo had a strong character arc and growth that I appreciated. Donatello was also more interesting and able to contribute beyond impossible inventions. The 2003 cartoon presented my favorite version of both Leonardo and Donatello, however, overall I prefer Michelangelo followed by Raphael.
Michelangelo: This looks like a job for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
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