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Personality-wise as odd as it may seem I am a blend of Michelangelo (1987) and Leonardo (2003). Michelangelo (1987) is the kid in me that has always been there while as I matured I took on personality traits of Leonardo (2003) to balance me out. I resent the 2003 cartoon for what it did to Michelangelo and he never recovered from. I thought initially maybe because Michelangelo is the one that the little kids like I liked him the most. I re-watch the 1987 cartoon to this day and I see that it's not that. I wish overall the character of Michelangelo could be fun loving and take things more seriously, however first I realize the character himself needs to be taken seriously first, not a dumping ground for humor.

Yes, I know that the sarcastic hothead really emphasized the sarcastic and specialized in pun humor, well its the humor that appeals to me the most. I just feel that this trait was taken too far in the 1987 cartoon and suppressed elsewhere.

There was a new article posted on CBR suggesting the Silver Age ruined Superman. I will send it to you in a PM so not to derail the topic of the thread.
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